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We’re starting-up a social enterprise in the Recife Metropolitan Region (RMR) of Brazil. It will provide training and transitional employment for young people who currently have limited opportunities within the formal labour market. The company will produce natural cosmetics made with locally sourced bee-products.

Brazil’s economic growth and poverty reduction programmes have increased the potential for social and economic mobility. However, due to pervasive inequality and exclusion, many of the country’s young people face significant barriers to formal legitimate employment.

Social enterprise is making a unique and important contribution to tackling youth unemployment in areas where young people are excluded from existing and emerging social and economic resources. Beeconomics will train and employ marginalised young people, facilitate the development of transferable skills, provide valuable work experience and offer support to obtain permanent employment.

Brazil is the third largest consumer of cosmetics and personal care products. It holds a strong position in the apiculture market as the fifth largest exporter of honey and the largest producer of organic honey in the world. Both industries are forecast to continue their pattern of growth. Beekeeping is a sustainable practice with positive environmental impact. The global demand for bee-products is expanding due to increasing incentives for their use. Their medicinal and nutritional properties have made them key ingredients in cosmetics and personal care.

We are pursuing this venture in RMR due to its rapidly expanding economy, thriving tourism industry, its growing consumer demand for environmentally and socially responsible products and its strong network of high-quality youth service providers.