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Social Enterprise

The burden of responsibility for tackling the complex issue of youth unemployment has, for the most part, rested on the State and third sector organisations who have worked to set the parameters for the promotion of social inclusion. Building on the groundwork made by these organisations and institutions, social enterprise is making a unique and important contribution to tackling youth unemployment in areas where disadvantaged young people are excluded from existing and emerging social and economic resources.

Social enterprise can meet the economic and social challenges of unemployment directly. Its most obvious contribution to tackling unemployment is through providing employment, training and work experience which lead to future work prospects and other subsequent benefits. However, creating formal, legitimate employment is simply the first step. Social enterprise generates wider social impact, empowerment and change. Instead of receiving government hand-outs, which can often maintain social boundaries, employees are agents and participants in everyday social economic exchange. Innovative approaches to organisational structure, products, partnerships, the use of profit and other dimensions of the business can positively impact employees, their communities and the environment.

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